Friday, January 22, 2010

IND Round 2

Back out to Indianapolis, meeting different people in the same city. I’ve been there enough that its all familiar except for the new football stadium that sits downtown like an aircraft carrier. The town is filled with excitement about the upcoming NFC championship game, evident in both the signs displayed as well as conversation with the locals.

The flight out had the same cloud cover as last Friday which struck me as odd. Did that weather last all week or is this new weather exactly like the old weather?

The flight home was on another little EMB 135. Maybe the same one, it was the same 4:10 flight on a different day. I had an exit row seat with no one next to me, which is a good as first class, frankly. The only down side is the seats on those little planes don’t have much padding, which gets a little hard after 60 minutes.

I don’t mind the small planes, their seats are usually as spacious as larger planes, which is not exactly an endorsement I realize. They fly smooth enough as well. The only part I hate is getting on and off them because of how far I have to stoop over to walk down the isle.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

IND in One Day

A quick little trip to Indianapolis yesterday. I've been there a number of times, last time commenting on the new airport (which I like a lot). I used to do more one-day trips, but with how much of a hassle air travel has become and the cost of missing a meeting its more overnights now. So, yesterday's one day trip was more unusual than in the past. It makes for a long day, catching am 8:30 flight now means getting to the airport by 7 which means leaving the house by 6.

The January weather yesterday was quite nice, it was in the 40s when I was walking into the airport and the sun was hitting the Washington buildings from the low morning angle which brings out all the texture. I had a window seat on the small Embraer 175 on takeoff on the side of the plane looking over the river, and we stayed straight off the runway long enough to watch the sliding show from low over the water and monuments to high above Wisconsin avenue over Bethesda. Just as Rockville was coming into view the plane banked to the west and we were up through the clouds and the ground then becomes that far away picture with no detail.

Indianapolis was cloudy and rainy the whole day, but it was a nice day and we discovered a new place to eat. A good meeting, then back to the airport.

The flight back was on the tiny Embraer 135, and there was solid cloud cover the whole time. The closing sunlight of the day created fantastic light against the cloud layer, and the whole flight back was a very sureal view of another planet. As we landed my seat was now on the wrong side of the plane facing Virginia, but we headed south of the airport to turn around a head up the river. The fading sunlight and the time of day when all the artificial lighting is turning on below created another beautiful visual experience as all the cars clogged the roads for rush hour and the cities were lighting up with their own nightlife. As the plane backed to the left to head up the river I could see where the Potomac dumps into the Cheasapeake Bay and could see much of the bay off in the horizon stretching up to the north.

As we came up to the runway the pilot had to make a last minute dip to the left to stay aligned which created that unnerving experience of watching the wing lean down to touch the water. This is more typical of the smaller planes, the larger ones have too much inertia for a manuvure like that. We touched down and the airport terminal whizzed by as it only can at DCA where the airport is so small.

The small plane stopped and we had to climb down the stairs to the little bus to take us into the terminal. The little plane was too small to be given a jetway, so there's a parking lot for them away from the terminal. I like getting off the planes like this as you get to stretch your legs on the tarmac and enjoy the smells and sounds of the airport in operation.

Not a bad day, with a good meeting with nice people and two nice little plane rides.


Airports by FAA Sign

  • AEY - Akureyri Airport (Akureyri, Iceland)
  • BWI - Baltimore Washington International (Baltimore, MD)
  • CLT - Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (Charlotte, NC)
  • DAY - Dayton International Airport (Dayton, OH)
  • DCA - Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport (Washington, DC)
  • DFW - Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport (Grapevine, TX)
  • IAD - Washington Dulles International Airport (Herndon, VA)
  • IND - Indianapolis International Airport (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • KEF - Keflavik Airport (Iceland, International Travel outside Reykjavik)
  • LAX - Los Angeles International (Los Angeles, CA)
  • LGB - Long Beach Airport (Long Beach, CA)
  • MSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (Bloomington, MN)
  • PDX - Portland International Airport (Portland, Oregon)
  • PWM - Portland International Jetport (Portland, Maine)
  • RKV - Reykjavik Airport (Reykjavik, Iceland)
  • SNA - Orange County/John Wayne Airport (Santa Ana, CA)
  • TPA - Tampa International Airport (Tampa, Florida)

Restaurant: Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant

Restaurant: Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant
Web Site:
Address: 8293 Main Street, Ellicott City, MD 21043
Phone: 410-465-4004

Very French, very nice restaurant in the historic Ellicott City downtown in an old building. Part of their charm is their use of produce grown on their own farm, and maintaining high quality traditional French service and cooking.

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