Monday, May 27, 2013

Restaurant: Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown

Restaurant: Sunnybrook Ballroom
Web Site:
Address: 50 Sunnybrook Road, Pottstown, PA 19464
Phone: (484) 624-5187

The historic Sunnybrook Ballroom; its been there for a long time, part of the tradition of ballrooms for big bands going back to the 1920's (before television).  A drive from Philadelphia, many legendary performers have been there over the years.  Still kicking, despite changing demographics, and for me filled with personal history of proms, weddings, and performing.

Somewhat recently, the property flirted with being a micro-brew pub (abandoned) which made way to a restaurant attached to the ballroom.   Not an extensive menu, but a good mix of seafood and other dishes.  Been here twice now, no one had a problem finding something on the menu they liked and the chef puts on a couple of specials each time.  I was pleased both times, the chef is creative without being experimental and the meals have come out as desired.

Bar does a nice job, the wait staff have been attentive without being pushing, and frequently entertaining.  There aren't a lot of choices in this part of Pennsylvania past small diners and chain restaurants, this one has worked out well for me.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Restaurant: Moonlight Gourmet

Just a note to make my links work.  Moonlight Gourmet was a Chinese restaurant on Rockville Pike near Congressional Country Club.  This was without a doubt our favorite for a long time, but it is now closed.  The staff was always so nice, and recognized us over time.  We used to take large groups there, and when we wanted something casual we would sit in the bar and watch a ball game.  We miss their "Moonlight Chicken" signature dish.  We still miss it as we drive down Rockville Pike.

I believe the group that owns this also owns China Gourmet in Kensington (we still go there, been going there for more than 20 years is seems), and Moon Gate in Bethesda.

Update on Seasons 52 North Bethesda

I've updated my notes on Seasons 52 a few times now.  Its gone from good with some disappointments when it first opened to a favorite.  Kudos to the management for paying attention and the staff for working hard.  Good location also, and we're always happy with what we find on the menu.