Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Restaurant: Papa Razzi - Georgetown

Restaurant: Papa Razzi Trattoria/Bar
Web Site: http://www.paparazzi-restaurant.com
Address: 1064 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 20007
Phone: (202) 298-8000

(Note; as of Dec 2014 this location seems to be gone)

We had been to the location over in Virgina years ago, and it was a hoot because the matre 'd was an operatic tenor. "Happy Birthday" was a very unique experience there!

That location is long gone, and this location right in the heart of Georgetown in Washington DC is better (and super convenient for Blues Alley), nicer, and has parking right next door. Plus, Georgetown is a great location for people watching, and there's a lot of people right outside the bar window.

Service was good, but I think we haven't figured out their strong dishes yet (only the second visit at that location). The scaloppine was a little too crisp, the piccata a little too tart. Salads were great, drinks/wine was great. Next time the small pizzas or a pasta dish to work through the menu.

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