Sunday, September 11, 2011

Restaurant: Big Greek Cafe, Rockville

Restaurant: Big Greek Cafe, Rockville
Web Site:
Address: 4007 Norbeck Rd, Rockville, MD 20853
Phone: (301) 929-9760

They call it Rockville, I list it with Olney, but it’s really Norbeck. The great crossroad of MD Route 28 (Norbeck Road) and MD Route 97 (Georgia Ave) is a small strip mall with the Big Greek Cafe. It’s been a couple of things over the years, but generally a mediterranean take out place, now greek. Always our go-to for kabobs, now our go-to for gyros. From the same people that run the Golden Flame in downtown Silver Spring, a small take out place focused on Greek dishes and comfort food.

Interior is not much, just some tables for people not really thinking about taking-out, but there’s also not much space to park here (parking is actually a challenge with this small, poorly organized strip mall), but it is worth the hassle. The salads are all big and fresh with good ingredients, and gyro meat is real meat and not pressed ground processed meat. Everything we’ve tried has been very good and good proportions, a good value place.

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