Friday, February 18, 2005

Airport: Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW)

Airport Name: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Location: Dallas, Texas USA
Airport Web Site:

Created 2/18/05

I've been through this airport a few times, only through United.

The airport doesn't feel too crowded, as the configuration doesn't have a large, central area. Instead, the terminals are arranged in small semi-circles, with separate baggage claim areas every few gates. This kind of arranges the terminals in "shells", where you walk in to the ticket agents, pass through security, and your gate is kind of right there without much walking. On the way out, you pass out through security, there is a belt nearby for your gate, then grab a cab outside. This creates the convenience and feel of a smaller regional airport even though its a very large one.

The down side is that the terminals are extremely spread out. I assume its a major hassle if your changing planes here, especially if hopping between carriers. Driving in and out is difficult for those not familiar with the airport, as there are ramps splitting out all over the place. And, the rental car area is miles away from the terminal area. It takes forever to get over to their, as you have to drive past the runways to get to the road that takes you there.

They seem to be addressing this through the creation of a small light rail system. I saw the elevated railway heading over toward the rental car area (I think), and there are new escalators that aren't operational yet that seem to be part of this expansion.

The terminals, at least terminal "B" where United is, recently went through a major overhaul, and is very spacious, clean looking, and nice to wait in. There are excellent views of the airport operations and runways. Food and concessions are limited and spread out due to the configuration, however, all the typical things are here as you would expect (nothing special to say, nothing bad to say).

The airport is in a great location for the two cities - I've had to go to both towns on business and you're in the downtown areas pretty quickly.

United Red Carpet Club is located near gate B29.

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