Saturday, July 03, 2010

Airports: Minneapolis/St. Paul International

Airport Name: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Location: Bloomington, MN USA
Airport Web Site:

I used to spend a lot of time going through MSP. I worked a lot in the twin-cities area and other parts of Minnesota, and this is the main airport for the state. While it is brutally cold there in the winter (in my relative opinion), the area is filled with interesting places to go and populated with people that are very nice and fun to interact with.

So, my opinion of MSP has a lot of history to it. I remember the airport as a somewhat small "H" that was nice and easy to get around in, through the current state as an extremely large "H" with islands connected through underground passages and automated little trains and a gigantic parking garage that dominates the architecture. The central area behind security is a little shopping and eating area, but you may go through the airport without ever touching the central area, particularly if you are connecting flights.

There are extremely long corridors with motorized sidewalks to make things go faster, and certain points where you can step into a little train. I recently went through here and went through sections that I had never been through before. Very pleased with the signs, passages, and places to grab some food. Lots of people, but didn't really feel crowded. The only complaint was the blockages from people standing on the belts as you try to walk by (which is hardly unique to this airport - all are complicated with the friction between those in a hurry and those that are not).

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