Sunday, February 21, 2010

Restaurant: Sonoma Grill, Norwalk, CA

Restaurant: Sonoma Grill
Web Site:
Address: 13111 Sycamore Drive, Norwalk, CA
Phone: (562) 863-5555

Had three meals or so while I stayed in the Norwalk Marriott for a few days.

A typical restaurant for a Marriott, in a vaguely corporate branded way. Kind of like a wine bar place, but not a lot of display of wine except for a few cases near the outside door.

The food was a mix; some burgers, some pizza, some salads, some fish and pasta dishes. Between some colleagues and multiple meals there was a small pizza, salads, tortilla soup, grilled vegtables with bow tie pasta and pesto sauce, filet mignon, seared tuna steak, grilled salmon with asparagus. All were good.

Breakfast was typical hotel buffet. Staff was very good, although cooking was a little slow for how few people were there.

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