Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Hotel: Hilton North Redington Beach

City: North Redington Beach, Florida
Chain: Hilton Hotels
Property: Tampa Bay/North Redington Beach Resort
Address: 17120 Gulf Boulevard, North Redington Beach, FL 33708-1443
Phone Number: 727-391-4000

Check Out: Jul 7, 2004
8 stars out of 10

No real Internet is a bummer, and, at the rate we paid they gave us the rooms overlooking the parking lot. But, this is a hotel ON THE BEACH. No lie!

It's a weird sensation to check in as a business traveler and have everyone else in bathing suits and palm trees and the ocean. And, I could have killed someone for not telling me to bring shorts. You walk in to the check in counter and out the windows in the back is the beach. Really!

Like most beach areas, the place gets a little beat up. A little noisy with carrying on in the hallways. But, this was a nice facility, clean, convenient for a client, and there was a resturant and bar here. Didn't use the resturant, we went to another place recommended (and the recommendation was dead on), but the bar was nice overlooking the ocean and service was good. Strange that this was a Hilton, as it didn't really seem like most that I've stayed in. I think this facility is here just to provide a place for people to trade Hilton Honors points in for. The beach is flat with little waves (maybe typical for the Gulf I guess). There's jet ski rentals, volleyball going on outside, sailboat rentals, and other things. The sunset was fantastic, and the weather is HOT in July.

So, what do you do with no Internet and no shorts at the beach? You go out anyway.


  • Safety: 1 - Resort area, surrounding area high price
  • Dining: 1 - Just snack food in the bar, but seemed OK
  • Bar: 1 - Happy hour pricing! Overlooks the Gulf! (bonus)
  • Internet: 0 - "Dial Up" is not "Internet"
  • Wireless in Common Areas: 0
  • Work Space, Power: 1
  • Shower: 1
  • Air Conditioning, Bed: 1
  • Common Areas: 1
Total: 8

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