Saturday, December 25, 2010

Restaurant: K Town Bistro

Restaurant: K Town Bistro
Web Site:
Address: 3784 Howard Ave., Kensington, MD 20895
Phone: (301) 933-1211

Side issue; really dislike the "K Town" nickname that some locals seem to be trying to establish. For one thing, most people refer to "Kensington" and not "Town of Kensington" which seem to be what some are trying to shorthand. For another thing, its a little too hip-hop for such a WASP-y old school suburb. The owners of this restaurant inherited this from the previous owners of the space I believe ("K Town Grille" maybe?). The previous space was way too short lived to be trying to maintain some of this history, in my opinion.

We've dined here two or three times now. The owner takes a lot of personal attention in the service and activity. The menu is not extensive, but this is good; care on a few selected items is much better than a lot of choices done inconsistently. The salads have always been very good and they usually have some nice approaches to the soups. The entrees we've tried have been very good, including an interesting South American fish.

Wine choices are limited, but this is Kensington after all where the idea of a restaurant serving wine is a new and scary.

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