Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Hotel: Mill Creek Inn Salem OR

City: Salem, Oregon
Chain: Best Western
Property: Mill Creek Inn, Salem Oregon
Address: 3125 Ryan Drive, Salem Oregon 97301
Phone Number: 503-585-3332

Check Out: May 4, 2004
8 stars out of 10

This hotel is part of the Best Western chain. There aren't a whole lot of hotels in Salem (it's not a real big town), and this one is real close to the interstate highway. Very affordable, clean, and the staff was friendly. It's not a fancy place -- the attached resturant is a Denny's, for example. Not a very interesting part of town, either. Next to the Costco and a car dealership.

Internet in the room, but it didn't work one night. Bathroom shower head was too low, and had a heck of a time figuring out how to turn the shower on (you had to push up underneath with no markings to indicate this).


  • Safety: - 1 (Salem is a nice, friendly town)
  • Dining: - 1
  • Bar: - 0
  • Internet: - 1.5 (Was free, but was intermittant)
  • Wireless in Common Areas: - 0
  • Work Space, Power: - 1
  • Shower: - 0 (shower head too low, and hard to work)
  • Air Conditioning, Bed: - 1
  • Common Areas: - 1
Total: - 6.5

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